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CROP Hunger Walk


The Christian Rural Overseas Program (CROP) began in 1947, under the umbrella of Church World Service (CWS). It was a successful effort to connect the grain produced by midwest farm families in the U.S. with a ravaged, starving post-WWII Europe.

To this day, CROP Walks happen all over the world in a continuing effort to fight hunger. 

OLH has a team participating in the Liberty Hill CROP Hunger Walk. Please join us! 
Click on the box below to join the walk our team or as an individual.
We're meeting at Foundation Park's pavilion at 1:30 on April 24th. The walk begins at 2:00 and ends at 3:00.

If you'd rather just make a monetary donation, click on the box below and look for the bright orange bar in the top right section of that page

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